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Your Journey

Your Journey

Whether you are just beginning your journey or have already been receiving services, Connecting-Minds is here for you. Needing to seek out Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists or Behaviour Analysts is not an area that most parents have marked on their parenting road map. Navigating doctor’s appointments, paediatrician appointments, developing therapy regimes or even trying to decide if this is the path you need to investigate for your child can be overwhelming!

Connecting-Minds can help guide you to the relevant professionals and determine what or if therapy programs would be most beneficial for your child based on your child’s needs and your needs. Sometimes we receive a referral for a speech pathology session only to discover that the child has sensory processing issues and would probably benefit from focused sessions on self-regulation before commencing speech services. We have the ability to liase with the relevant professional so your child can receive the most relevant therapy program to their current needs.

Perhaps you have had a diagnosis and been receiving therapy for years. As a child grows their needs change and our parenting skills sets need to adapt to both the child’s developmental age and actual age. Our programs are designed to grow with the child. We do not believe that we ever reach a point where we stop learning, the same applies to the children.

Christine Chalmers-Manton

Our Team

Christine’s mission is to help children with an autism spectrum disorder, their families, and other professionals work together so that each child can reach his or her full potential. She refuses to accept current cognitive and emotional developmental levels as being the best they will ever be.

Christine began working with children with autism in 2002 as a behaviour analyst. She discovered the RDI® program in 2007 and realized that it was the “missing link” to her treatment protocols. Now a certified RDI® program consultant, she loves working with parents to create learning objectives that will help children with ASD become the best they can be! Christine has delivered and supervised Relationship Development Intervention and behaviour modification programs for families across Australia and the USA. In addition to working with parents and children, she has performed and supervised training for therapists and teachers at schools, kindergartens and childcare centres.

The joy of seeing the quality of life improve for the child and the family is invaluable, and motivates Christine to continue to develop her professional skills so that she can guide more families. This pursuit has recently led Christine to create Connecting-Minds, a centre that provides a holistic approach to treatment including Relationship Development Intervention®, behaviour modification programs, tutoring, and occupational therapy.

Christine’s goal is to guide parents to support their children in the best ways they can; giving parents more time to do what they do best — parent!