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Learning Centre Sessions

Learning Centre Sessions

Our learning centre sessions are run by an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, Psychologist and Educator. During a session we focus on emotional, physical, social and cognitive goals. The OTs oversee and implement the fine motor, gross motor, and sensory goals, the Speech Pathologist set the receptive language, expressive language, pragmatic language and additional speech goals that may be needed (articulation, oral motor, or literacy) and the psychologist monitors the emotional, cognitive and behavioural goals. All of the providers are aware of the children’s goals but you have the most relevant person updating your child’s learning goals as needed. Throughout the session the children receive both group therapy and 1:1 therapy.

Our sessions focus on engagement, play, school readiness and developing an intrinsic motivation for learning. Our structured activities throughout the day relate to the theme for the month and are created so that the child has a meaningful role in the activity. Free play opportunities also relate to the theme. We do not use technology during our program unless it is for communication purposes (e.g., a communication devices or a research project for prep readiness children).

At the end of the session you will receive a program summary which reviews the activities your child engaged in, outlines individual goals and states the progress the child is making toward the goals.

We offer 4 types of Learning Centre Sessions.

  • Prekindergarten groups for children aged 2-3
  • Kindergarten groups: Ages 3-5
  • Prep Readiness: Ages 4-6
  • School Aged Groups: Primary & Secondary

Minecraft Club

Minecraft Club

Each week, the children work in small groups to complete projects on a secure Minecraft server while practicing skills such as flexible thinking, compromising, cooperation, social communication and developing friendships.

Each session will have clear objectives and goals that the children need to work together in order to achieve. The rules of the game and roles each player will have will be negotiated at the start of each session. There is a new mission each week that builds on what was achieved in the previous sessions.

Participants are encouraged and redirected to use appropriate social skills and to support one another both on-and-off screen. Points are earned for use of good listening, kind behaviour and proper communication skills toward a Minecraft-themed final session celebration.

Groups are divided into lower primary (Prep-Grade 2), Upper primary (Grade 3-6) and Secondary School.

Social Skills

Social Skills

We run groups for preschool, primary school aged children and secondary school aged students. During our social skills groups we focus on developing each child’s understanding and ability to use social skills in meaningful and functional ways as well as developing an understanding of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Our sessions are designed so that children have to work together as a team to complete an objective. No team member can be controlling or be controlled. Our activities promote flexible thinking and troubleshooting strategies when things do not go as planned.

We offer social skills groups for:

  • Kinder Students
  • Primary Aged Students
  • Secondary Aged Students

Our groups go for 45 minutes and include a report with an overview of the session and how the children are progressing towards their goals.